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Farwaniya Young Learners 2009-2010

Our Purpose
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One of the main aims of  building up this site is to get our teachers in the primary stage in Farwaniya acquianted with the Internet in general and be in touch with updated methods and techniques. Due to the heavy load on us we found it easier to transfer our instructions and tips to our teachers through this site. We hope we succeed.


Sources for teachers

A Class in a primary school in Ferdos

The three key stages of a lesson:

    Stage I. Presentation(=Introduction) 
        * Reviewing old language(with warm-up activities)
        *Introducing new language
        *Checking understanding the new language

    Stage II. Practice(Deliberate(=Controlled or Guided)
        * Deliberate practice
        *Demonstrating activity
        *Setting up the activity
        *Checking understanding the language and the task(=activity)

    Stage III. Production(=Real Use) 
        *Starting the activity
        *Monitoring the activity
        * Understanding the old and new language integratively
        (with four language skills integrated)

 Our Purpose

The purpose of  ELT in Farwaniya is to increase the popularity of our common interests. We also want to have benefit while when we are together. By developing relationships between primary stage teachers, we will become even stronger.

What do we expect?

Our mission is to further promote the interests of our teachers. We strive to make a difference by using the Internet. We do invite teachers to encourage one another to participate and build webpages for their schools. Last but not least to try to apply what they discovered and knew in their classes and for the benefit of our dear young learners.