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Farwaniya Young Learners 2009-2010

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A way to Communicate
Dear teachers in Farwaniya, Due to the heavy load on our shoulders as supervisors I thought of exchanging views through an Internet web page. Don't get upset if our visits are few , your are always in our hearts and minds.

ELT Conference April 2009
Ms Sakina Ali ,supervisor general and Ms Maha Senior supervisor with Farwaniya Supervisors


Why do we teach English in the primary stage?
 The objectives of English teaching for primary school pupils are to familiarize the young learners with the use of English in their daily life, and to get them to build up enough confidence or fun in using English in a real situation when they learn it as a foreign language. We have two main aims to attain the objective. One is to familiarize primary English teachers with a variety of techniques currently used for the teaching of four language skills integratively. The other is to provide practical guidance for the teaching of the three key stages of a lesson which are presentation, practice, and production.

Farwaniya Workshops
Brdiging Gaps Workshop -Apr.2009

ELT website-Kuwait

Characteristics of Young Learners

Let your kids read

My Best Character
Little Red Riding Hood- Nafessa Bint Omaya

Teaching Young Learners

Teaching young learners is different from teaching adults.Young children tend to change their mood every other minute , and they find it extremely difficult to sit still.On the other hand , they show a greater motivation than adults to do things that appeal to them.Since it is almost impossible to cater to the interests of about 25 young individuals , the teacher has to be inventive in selecting interesting activities , and must provide a great variety of them.

Fun with English ( A new Book for First Primary )
Come and meet Ali , Haya and Funni

Welcome to our web site!
This site is especially designed for you only , we hope to get the best of it. We would like to meet here and to have a look at what's going on in our primary stage schools in Farwaniya. Your opinion will be highly appreciated.

Fun With English Course
* Present to the pupils a limited number of language items
   based on topics which appeal   to the age group.
* It prepares pupils for reading and writing in later grades.
* It encourages positive attitude towards learning English
   as a foreign language through games , songs , stories and activities.
* It ensures the use of language as an effective means of communication

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" The Child is the father of Man" W.Shakespear

The Order of Acquisition

"Language is usually delivered in the classroom following an established belief regarding the order of language ACQUISITION : Listening , Speaking , Reading then Writing.This means that we:

* present the language orally ; the child listens.

* then ask the child to reproduce this language orally, the child speaks.

* then present language in the written form ;the child reads.

* finally ask the children to reproduce this language in a written form ; the

   child writes.

Om Al-Munther Primary School for Girls

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