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Farwaniya Young Learners 2009-2010

Farwaniya Events
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Here is a list of events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months. We'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.


Sabika Al-Khalid: Workshop "common Mistakes" Zeid Al-Harb : Workshop " Learning Disabilities",Iman Ragab Salma Ben Omayes: Demo Lesson "Grade 5" Reem Al-Mutairi. Abdoul Aziz Al-Rasheed: Workshop " Teaching Aids" Amna , Marim ,Hala, Mona. Amr Bin Thabet : Demo Lesson . Doaa Baker. Om Hane : Demo Lesson "Helping Classes".Doaa Ahmed.

Model Lessons & Workshops

A young girl is giving her "Oral Presentation"

Tell me I forget
Teach me I remember
Involve me I learn

Time For School
When the summer's over,
It's time to come to school,
I will sit right down,
And listen to the rules.
I'm happy being
in my brand new class,
With my teachers and friends,
It's time for school at last.

First Term

Classroom Management Tips

Senior Supervisors in Farwaniya
The Conference workshops

Rules for the classroom
At the beginning of the school year you can establish the working rules for activities in your class.You'll probably have to remind pupils of the rules throughout the year ,especially before noisy activities.If you anticipate particular discipline problems ,try this approach:
  • Divide the class into teams at the beginning of the term.
  • Give each team a name , e.g. a colour ,or an animal.
  • Make a chart for the wall and give each team 100 points to start the term.
  • Explain that every time one member of a team breaks the rules , his / her team will lose a point.
  • Count up the points at the end of the term and award a prize to the team with most points.