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Reading involves two skills:
a) Decoding :
    by this we meanthe correct pronunciation and sounding out of the word
and should always be done aloud and always following a model from the teacher or the tape.
b) Reading with understanding:
    This when pupils read sentences or phrases and understand.They usually need to read the sentences more than once and they should
    read silently in order to concentrate on meaning.

Farwaniya Young Learners 2009-2010

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On this page we will provide links to famous web sites of teaching English for young kids.

Teaching vocabulary to young learners

Sing , Spell ,Read & Write

A big lover of poetry

You are always there
It's true ! Mr Adel,  you are always in our hearts and minds
we will never forget your lovely smile and your vivid contribution
to ELT in Farwaniya. We always remember you SIR.

Teaching the four skills

All 4 kids


Don't miss the chance
Come & Read.


Let's read stories

Reading to the mind is what exercise to the body

Let us know if there are any web sites that you enjoy and we'll consider including them on this page!